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Dear Job Seeker,

You’re probably skimming our website and comparing us to our competitors, wondering whether the tools we have to offer will truly help you succeed in landing the perfect job. Similarly, recruiters will quickly scan your resume and compare it to documents from hundreds of other candidates, looking for the experience, qualifications, and skills they believe will drive their company’s success. Knowing that you only have a moment to grab the recruiter’s attention, how can you stand out from the competition and make sure your resume can’t be ignored?

Let a Precision resume be your solution. If you scan our website, you will find that our writing is more concise and value-focused than the competition. We are committed to structuring documents that create opportunities through direct communication, specialized training, and effective marketing.

If you were preparing for an interview, you wouldn’t hesitate to get a haircut or a new outfit to polish your appearance and boost your confidence. We believe a professionally crafted resume is the real first impression that will get you noticed. Selecting a team to structure your resume is like picking out that interview outfit. At Precision Resumes, Inc. you can expect:

Professional Appearance

  • Each resume is as distinct as the client it was written for. The tone, style, and format are selected based upon your goals, experience level, industry, and individual details.
  • Our writers have extensive training in the different formats and styles needed for effective resumes. Combined with experience writing resumes in all industries and at all levels, we make strategic, grammatical, stylistic, and visual choices to create the most powerful document.

The Right Fit

  • Some companies charge eight times as much and give you documents of lesser value. We have the most experienced writers in the industry and are committed to providing exemplary quality at a reasonable price.
  • You would probably consider yourself an expert if you had repaired 1,000 computers or given 1,000 haircuts. Most people only write a resume a few times in their lives, so they lack the experience of someone who has constructed thousands. We are experts.

A Good Value

  • Each document is tailored to your satisfaction. Our representatives are dedicated to client satisfaction and will help you define all the details needed to highlight your best attributes.
  • Many of our clients have received as much as 170% salary growth. In addition to financial security, they have found more fulfilling, engaging, and rewarding positions. After all, personal satisfaction can’t be quantified.

Strong documents are the key to more interviews and better opportunities. We have written powerful resumes for numerous world-class clients, and we look forward to helping you, too.


The Precision Resumes Team




With extensive success in developing high-impact documents in an ever-evolving job market, our 100% client satisfaction rating proves that we are committed to making the process as efficient and effective as possible. We offer a decade’s worth of experience providing valuable products and guidance at an affordable price. Equipped with professional writing, editing, and advertising …

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“I wanted to say that it really works!  I took the resume that you built for me and within a couple weeks I had two interviews.  Both went really well and as of today I have 1 offer and most likely I will have a second next week.  I would definitely recommend that your clients …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What expertise do your writers have? Having crafted thousands of resumes, our writers have mastered the stylistic and formatting strategies needed to create the most effective documents. Our writing team offers over a decade’s worth of resume-writing experience, in addition to diverse professional backgrounds spanning creative writing, editing, and marketing. What differentiates you from other …

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Executive Team

Andrew Pearl, CPRW, CEIP CEO & Client Relations Director Andrew Pearl is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) who has prepared more than 2,500 resumes since 2004 for a diverse client base, including individuals from Oracle, Home Depot, Samsonite, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Prudential, The New York Times, Wal-Mart, Ocean Spray, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Waste Management, …

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